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Another CLL Success Story!

Posted by: Denise on: October 9, 2013

I apologize for not posting more often. Now and again I get emails asking if I’m still here–as in alive. Yes! I’m very much alive and relatively well. By relatively, I mostly mean my parents, both of whom are geriatric (82 and 87) and both of whom are ill (congestive heart failure and stroke) and are more time-consuming than I’d like. Between that and part-time work, and an occasional foray into writing my second mystery book, I just don’t make time for this blog.  This is a GOOD reason to be offline, however, compared to what other CLL-ers imagine.

But enough of the introduction. I’m writing because one of you (by “you” I mean one of the many CLL-ers who have contacted me via email) sent me this link: David Lingle’s CLL Healing Story

And here is the video itself:

This is very exciting! Every success story is exciting. It means that it is possible to beat this thing naturally. However…keep in mind that not everyone heals the same way. This is true when the conventional doctors give chemo (some will go into remission, some will not, some will die from the treatment), as it is with natural treatments. The only difference is that with natural treatment, it may not cure you, but it will probably make you healthier.

As I listened to the video, I noted that David Lingle, the man who is now CLL-free, is mostly vegan. Don’t think I want to do that again. It wasn’t so good for me.  When I was macrobiotic for many years I developed both osteoporosis AND anemia. I am now a raw food enthusiast…AND I include slow-cooked organic animal protein as well. I’m not cured. However, I’m doing relatively well. (I’m always as good as my last blood test. It isn’t easy, but most of the time I try to stick to my program and ignore an upcoming blood test. It’s better on the psyche.)

Even if I don’t plan on following this man’s whole program, I’m encouraged to see that he uses an infrared sauna. I’ve been considering that for a long time. I’ve heard from several of you that this helps. Please watch this and see whether this provides hope, inspiration and practical suggestions for your own recovery and good health.


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