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CLL Low Neutrophils ~ An Alternative that Works!

Posted by: Denise on: January 28, 2014


I’ve been using Peak Immune off and on now since 2011 and I have to tell you that it works! Yes, I still carry the CLL diagnosis, but… if your neutrophils dip into dangerous territory, which mine do without the help of Peak Immune, then you are a prime case for starting conventional therapy. A low neutrophil count can be fatal.  So this is a very important blood marker.  In some ways, it’s like I’ve done a double blind on myself. What happened is this:

In May 2011 my hematologist told me that my neutrophils were dangerously low, at just about the .5 mark. The normal range for neutrophils is 1.96 – 9.72. We’re talking the ‘absolute’ neutrophil count, not the percentage. Don’t worry about the percentage! If you have a CLL diagnosis, that number will be well below normal and you can be functioning just fine. My hematologist (who I like) wanted me to try Rituxan, and some Neupogen. She knows that I’m a researcher, so we decided to wait for the next visit. At the first revisit, the count had gone back up on its own. At the two-month revisit I hadn’t taken anything as yet, and the neutrophil count dropped dangerously low–down to .59.

My doctor was genuinely worried about me. A person with a very low neutrophil count is susceptible to disease and illness and has little to fight it off. However, I was NOT interested in either of her choices. Rituxan is a monoclonal antibody that has worked in conjunction with chemo. I saw it as a gateway drug to hell. Neupogen is NOT a chemo. However, it is a drug for life, as once you take it, your body stops producing its own neutrophils and you become dependent upon it. Add to that that Neupogen is self-injected into the abdomen, and I was thinking—and saying—“no thank you!”

So back in 2011, at this time I took the Peak Immune product, as it was recommended by a Chinese herbalist, and because on the bottle it says that these pills increases NK (natural killer) cell activity. I thought that would have to be good enough and it was definitely worth a try. But it turns out that Peak Immune increased my neutrophil count. At the next blood test, my absolute neutrophil numbers went out of the danger territory and my percentage went up as well. After I finished a bottle or two, I figured that I was out of the woods and didn’t need the product any longer. After all, I was taking UBI (ultra-violet blood irradiation treatments) and keeping up with an extraordinarily healthy diet and lifestyle.

I did pretty well with my neutrophils after that, taking regular blood tests to keep track. However, in February of 2013 the count was right back down to .51. I panicked. I hadn’t given the Peak Immune the credit it deserved for keeping up the neutrophil count. But for some reason, I looked it up on to see if anyone else had mentioned neutrophil counts in the reviews. There was only one review and it was very positive on this very subject! I was so excited. I thought it sounded familiar and I saw that the reviewer was from Michigan. Then in a complete airhead moment, I realized that that one reviewer was me! I had given credit to Peak Immune for helping with my neutrophil count, and posted it online. But I had forgotten this for myself!

Needless to say, I’ve been taking this product ever since, and thankfully my neutrophil count is in the safe target zone still. This is obviously not a cure, but it is a health and life-preserver. I give this pill my ultimate personal endorsement. And please keep in mind that I sell absolutely nothing on this site and get nothing from any company. Feel free to comparison shop on amazon and any other outlet.

Oh, and please write and let me know if it works for you!

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