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CLL and Supplements

Posted by: Denise on: February 16, 2014

cll and supplements There is a concerted effort on the part of the FDA to put supplements into the same class of regulation as pharmaceutical drugs. This is a move to make it too expensive for the supplement companies to stay in business, which would then put us all in the loving hands of Big Pharmaceutical companies. Not a good thing. I could say more, but Dr. Joseph Mercola has already done a good job of that. Click here to read his latest article on this subject.

I personally feel that the good quality supplements that I take for the CLL diagnosis I’ve had since 2001, along with my diet and lifestyle, are what is keeping me alive. Unfortunately, when I’ve sent letters to my Congressmen and Senators, they respond by letting me know that are planning to add red tape and regulation to the manufacture and sale of supplements in order to keep me “safe.” Excuse me, but I feel much “safer” when I’m able to buy and use my trusted supplements. Again, please read this article for more detail.


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