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Apricot Seeds and CLL Leukemia

Posted by: Denise on: February 9, 2011

Apricot Seeds

My shrink-wrapped apricot seeds, coffee grinder and the pills I made from them.

Like Wayne, an Oklahoman I met via the Internet, I have have both CLL leukemia AND diverticulosis.  I’ve never been officially diagnosed with diverticulosis, but every time I eat nuts or seeds whole, I suffer.  Sometimes for days.

It’s not the chemical composition of the nuts and seeds.  I know this because when I grind them into dust (flaxseeds) or buy them already ground into paste (almond butter) I can eat them with wild abandon — and no after effects.

Part of my good health program started in 2007 when I started taking amygdalin pills from Mexico, along with enzymes and other supplements.  I was advised to also eat the apricot seeds — in addition to the pills.  I tried this twice early on in 2007 and 2008.  Both times I suffered severe stomach upset.  For days.

But after speaking to Wayne in Oklahoma for the third time, my husband encouraged me to buy a pill making device and grind my own apricot seeds in our coffee grinder (Mr Coffee brand, available everywhere).  I’ve been doing this for just a few months.  My last doctor visit showed  a marked improvement in my WBC (from 32 down to 23… yay!)  But those numbers do tend to bounce around.  I will report back after my next visit.

The general way to take amygdalin, B-17, laetrile (all pretty much the same thing) is: if you have cancer of any kind, it is generally recommended to work your way up to three 500mg tablets/day, one at each meal — in addition to eating the apricot seeds.  Once again, it is recommended to take one seed for every ten pounds of weight, each day.  I personally grind my seeds and then put them into capsules with the help of a pillmaker I found online, but many people are able to eat the seeds whole. (The taste of the seeds is not great — another incentive to grind and make into pills!)

Please note that I am not a doctor — and that I am giving information about what works for me, personally. If this intrigues you, first go to and learn all you can about it.   I wholly recommend that you research and try things for yourself — carefully and safely.  Not to mention seeking out the advice of a health care practitioner who is familiar with vitamin B17.  I found my doctor on  He isn’t local — but I think it was well worth the trip!

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Dear Denise,
I am writing to ask you about how you are doing. My father has CLL and is trying Amygdalin 500mg per day, but when he saw his white cells to 44 from 36 at his last check he stopped taking it. Thank you in advance.


Hi Randy,
Thank for writing, and sorry that your father is dealing with a CLL diagnosis. I’ve been taking B-17/amygdalin, 1500 mg/day (one at each meal) since 2007. My WBC has gone up and down, and B-17 is not the only thing that is keeping me well. Getting and staying well is a comprehensive process, a lifestyle choice that includes many, many supplements, as well as clean air, clean water, and a diet modified to yoru needs. ALL people, with leukemia/cancer or not, would benefit from eating organic, non-processed foods, and maintaining an exercise regimen and getting regular sleep. I have an article about this on this website:

When Newly Diagnosed that can be helpful. Also, here is a list of my supplements (although it’s changed since when first posted, many of the items remain the same: Supplements for CLL.

You have to be open to change, and also open to learning and adapting to whatever is best for you. (Or in this case, your father.) If your dad is taking only 500mg, and is also eating a processed food diet, complete with sugary desserts, than that one pill a day isn’t going to do anything. I don’t know what he is doing, and I certainly don’t mean to be disrespectful. I’m just pointing out that you have to do the whole program, keep testing, and figure out what works. There is, very unfortunately, not a magic pill. There is no one-size-fits all solution in either the medical world or in the alternative health world. (If only!)

Please write again if you have any questions. Wishing you and your dad the best of health! – Denise

PS We now have a Facebook Group, You can get even more support, learn and ask questions there. Hope to see you there!

Hi Denise.
Its been years since you wrote this. I was curious to see how you are doing? Have you continued your apricot kernels?
Do you still have cll? I was recently diagnosed, I am 31 and a mother of 3.
Thank you for your time.

Hi Lauren,
You are way too young to be dealing with this! I am so sorry! That said, I would like to know what exactly was the diagnosis? Stage zero or more? Did you present with symptoms? Or were you blindsided by a regular check-up? That said (or answered) no matter what, there are many things you can do to be well and live long!!! First, I will answer your question. I’ve not been taking apricot kernels for years; however, I have been taking 1500 mg of B-17, (500mg per meal) since 2007. I get it at I am doing well. My WBC peaked at 47.8 (don’t have my chart with me, but I believe it was in 2011 or 2012). for the last few years, my WBC has mostly been in the high teens, and sometimes creeps into the 20s. Thankfully, it always creeps back down. My hemaglobin has been normal for years (wasn’t always), and my RBC while low is okay, and my platelets stay above 100. (platelets had dipped as low as a dangerous 50 at one point). So while I have not achieved remission, I’m doing pretty well.

So, what to do? There is so much on this site to explore, and I’m not the only game in town, believe me. There is a lot more information out there now about how to deal with CLL or any other cancer in a natural way. I can tell you that for me it works! Check out the videos on for inspiration. There is one there about David Lingle who beat this. There are many, many others out there who haven’t posted, but who are doing well.

I could start making a list for you, but instead I will recommend this book: The Metabolic Approach to Cancer. When I first read this I went crazy realizing I was doing most of it. The book can be overwhelming. But.. focus on the natural diet and avoiding toxins and you are on your way. Here is my list from this site of how to get started on your CLL DIY journey: Sixteen Natural Things to Do for CLL.

Please write and let me know if you have any questions, and to let me know how you’re doing. You can do this!!!
Sending hugs and healthy thoughts – Denise

how have things been going Denise? my family has been using apricot seeds among other things for my father.
He has a rising psa after conventional therapy reduced his tumors in his prostate. ITs been 7 years now and his psa is going up, doctor says he will die eventually… “sorry natural methods don’t work.” Oh i suppose you poison won’t hurt me then? jerk!

So anyway, there is no doubt that with Hemp oil, a proper diet, apricot seeds, 10-40 a day. Depends on how my father feels about it that day. There is no doubt that this has kept him alive.. recent check up showed no cancer in the bones still… and the doctor is now “a little less harsh” what a jerk.

anyway do you have an update?

Hi Josh,
Thanks for writing. Tell your dad’s doctor that EVERYONE is going to die some day, even him! Interesting that I was reading about hemp oil just today. Do you buy it already made, or do you grow your own cannabis and make your own oil? As an update, I’m still holding my own, and unfortunately haven’t made time for posts lately. I’m still actively researching, and will be posting again sometime in the future, hopefully sooner than later. All the best, Denise

Hi Denise, Although apricot seed tend to be a really good fighting agent against cancer cells thats not the only thing you need. As a matter of fact cancer cells are actually quite weak, and die in an oxygen/oxide rich environment. But a good nutrition is also very important.

My mother in-law was diagnosed with leukaemia a few months ago and I came across a site that was very interesting. Ive had her and myself taking the diet though weve only been on it a few days its turning out very promising. For exemple I have severe eczema and a type of dermatitis on my fingers(very painful sometimes bleeding too) and been using Prescribed cream for over 3 months without much results, I took my first dose of the Budwig Protocol 2 days ago and woke up the next morning with it almost completely healed. Im still amazed by it. If also got Candida and that is starting to reseed and Ive been suffuring with it with several years now.

Here are two sites that might help a little. 🙂
Good luck

Dear Vero,
Thanks for writing. I agree that the apricot seeds and B-17 pills have not been enough to do the entire job for me. That said, I’m not willing to give them up, as I believe that they’ve been beneficial to my health. I do know a man for whom it’s been enough, Wayne of Oklahoma. I’ve spoken to him several times. So for some, it can be enough.

So glad that the Budwig Protocol works for you. I hope that it will help your mother-in-law as well. I tried it for a while, to no effect. However, just as in conventional medicine, not everything works for everyone. So we all have to keep trying till we find what works. Your second link is interesting, as it is about PawPaw. I have a bottle of it I’ve not used yet. It’s good to know that there is a source in the US. I ordered mine from the Pacific Rim, and it took months to get here. I bought it as recommended for low platelets.

I’m leaving your links in for others to explore. As in all things on my site, I give my personal experience, and encourage everyone to research, research, research. This includes finding other people who’ve tried what you anticipate using, and even check q u a c k watch (don’t want those words to be affiliated with this site) to see what the ultimate skeptic might say. Just because something is alternative, doesn’t mean that it’s good. Best wishes to you and your mother-in-law. Sincerely, Denise

Hi denise…i have too cll and i have a same experience…can you informe me how are you now…thank you

Hi Denise. I was also diagnosed with CLL about 2 years ago. I am wondering if you’ve had any new WB count tests to see if you are still progrssing in a positive direction?

As a matter of fact, I just had a blood test yesterday, and it was a good one, despite the fact that my wbc was the highest ever. While the wbc was disappointing, it was a good test over all because several other important markers improved. My hemoglobin went into normal range, my rbc came back to almost normal, my platelets rose to over 100 (they’d been 86), and my lymphocyte percentage was lower than the previous time (86% rather than 91%) The wbc is just one marker; an important one, but not the only one. At this point I’m holding steady, which is not what I had in mind, but it is much better than progressing to the point of needing therapy or having debilitating symptoms.It will be ten years this July. I’ve had no conventional therapy, and I’m holding it together on my own. (with the help of alternative doctors and nutritionists). I lead a fairly normal life. The best thing to do is to get past the fear. If you’d like to email me directly, please write me at

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