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CLL WBC — Lower by Eating Only Raw or Lightly Cooked Foods

Posted by: Denise on: June 11, 2015

My White Blood Count (WBC) has never gone done and in fact always been increasing. To me that’s the real indicator. This abnormal and steady increase has crowded my arteries and I have trouble even going for long walks. Specially, where we live there are hills in our neighborhood and it’s a huge battle to get back to the top. I must say, I am not overweight and used to regularly exercise (jogging, etc.). Something I terribly miss now.

The two herbs I am currently trying which seem to help me the most are: Pau de Arco (Taheebo tea), and Astragalus. Especially the latter which I take in liquid drops form (from Wholefoods store) seems to give me enough energy to get through the work day. Do you do anything to decrease your WBC?

There are a few things that HAVE worked, but they just haven’t gotten me all the way well.  For the WBC (which we’re supposed to watch so closely) the very best that I’ve done is to go on a non-burnt diet. This means that I do cook food, and I even eat meats, chicken etc. (not to excess, but I eat them) but…I always slow cook and never, never eat anything browned, grilled, etc. I just abstain from eating if that’s all that’s available.  My highest WBC was 47, and now I’m in the low 20s and holding for over a year. I started in January 2013 and have been holding steady since. I will not experiment with trying the burnt food again, that’s how positive I am that this was an important factor. Now the low 20s still means that I have CLL (the diagnosis; I try not to own the actual CLL : )  But this has been an important change, at least for me. In my previous life I LOVED burnt food, ate the burnt potato chips, liked grilled meats with burnt fat, carmelized onions, you name it. 

How to do this: I make soup and stews every week, and then we eat the leftovers. It’s very efficient and makes it easier to not be cooking so much every day. After the initial dinner, we have the meats (chicken, beef, etc.) for lunch only along with fresh, raw vegetables, and try to have vegetarian dinners, sometimes with fish. Also I eat eggs several times/week. Either poached or very slow-fried (so there’s zero browning).

The other thing I would suggest is getting an infrared sauna.  Look into the Thersauna and the Clearlight; they are the two with low EMFs.  I’ve had no experience with this yet, but several, many people with CLL have reported to me personally that this always lowers their WBC. I’ve been late in getting one, but it is on my current to-do list. It’s expensive, but (as Hessel Baartse would say) it’s cheaper than a funeral. Love the gallows humor.

There is more, much more. And I will be delighted to share with you. Also, the ray of hope is that “they” now are coming up with non-chemo solutions, so even if you have to go conventional, it is no longer a death sentence. (It’s still my goal to never go conventional, but it’s nice to know that it’s an option.)

I hope this gives you something to chew on (not burnt!). 

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High Denise,
got my 6 monthly results today, and yes, I got that platelet result wrong – it is low not high as I thought. Platelets were 130 (after flu). no one is concerned, is that “ok” do you think?

Just found your blog and am excited about trying what has worked for you. I was diagnosed July 2011 and no treatments needed yet…thought I had always eaten pretty good but your information makes me feel like I’ve never done enough for myself. Your articles are inspiring and I want to see what might lower my WBC’s as they rise steadily every 6 months. It would be exciting to just once see a decrease. Thank you for sharing your information and GOOD HEALTH to you!

Hi Kathy, I have to agree that this method of lowering WBC is very exciting. The good news is that at this date (November 5, 2015) as of my last blood test, my WBC was 17.3, very low. And the amazing news is that slow-cooked food is great. I don’t feel like I’m suffering at all. I’ve added bone broth soup to my diet, as per West Price Foundation information. There are great books by Sally Fallon that could help you with this. It’s my personal hypothesis that the reason raw foodists do well is that they simply aren’t burning anything! I would be so excited for you if this turns out to help lower your all-important WBC! Please keep in touch and let me know.
All the best, Denise

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