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Liposomal Vitamin C and CLL

Posted by: Denise on: July 15, 2014

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia and lyposomal vitamin C.

Lyposomal Vitamin C and CLL — Works for Some

Have you heard of vitamin C treatment for CLL?

I have suggestions for you as I’ve recently come across another product that just might help you. It’s liposomal vitamin C. So far, I’ve just started it myself and have no data to share with you as yet (although I have “herxed”with bone and joint pain, ironically encouraging : )   I’ve been intending to post about it, but I think I’ve been waiting till I have my own results.  But here is why I’m encouraged:

One farmer in New Zealand had H1N1 AND HCL (hairy cell leukemia). He was treated in the hospital with vitamin C IV and this saved him death (they’d been ready to pull him off life support). After the IVs became less available, he started taking the liposomal C.  Not only did he fully recover from the H1N1, he now has zero sign of the HCL. Here is the video about this man and his story:(the first is a full version, the second link is to a shortened version)

 A new practitioner I started seeing late last year has suggested that I take liposomal Vit C.  She suggested taking 1 packet for 3 days, and then to work myself up to 15 packets a day and hold for two weeks. I think that may be too many.  I may top out at 5 or 6.  While I was ruminating on this, I received an email, like yours, from a man asking about LDN for his father who has CLL.  This man told me that his father was doing pretty well taking Life Force green drink and liposomal C.  Okay, I now felt like I was getting messages from the universe. : )

So I communicated with Todd who later told me that his father’s WBC dropped from 70 (70,000) to 9 (9,000) from the protocol of the Life Force and the Liposomal C.  Now there are two people with a chronic leukemia who’ve benefited from liposomal C.  So I’ve started this protocol for myself.  Here is a link to the company that makes this product.

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Hi Denise,

Just out of curiosity how much Life Force and Liposomal Vit C did he take per day? And is that Source Natural’s Life Force?

Hi Gil,
I wish I could be of more help. I know as much as you do about how much to take of Life Force and Liposomal Vit C. I can tell you that it did not do anything for my numbers, so I discontinued, as I found it unpleasant to take. (It tastes bad and has a phlegmy consistency (yuck!) and I was dropping it down my throat and chasing it with water.) And it was not Source Natural, but Livon Labs, which was recommended to me by a practitioner I was seeing at the time. If Source Naturals or LivonLabs takes calls and answers dosage questions you can’t find on their site, this could be a way to get the info you’re looking for. I hope this helps. All best, Denise

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