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Promising Conventional CLL Treatments

Posted by: Denise on: June 11, 2015

First, I have to tell you that I’m normally pretty anti- any kind of conventional cancer or leukemia treatment.  That is, unless there is a proven record of success, measure by CURE!!!  Much of the chemo treatment has abysmal results.  The researchers, and the medical establishment in general, measure the extension of increased lifespan in MONTHS.  Read the research for yourself.  If you can.  It’s very depressing.

So when I tell you that some of the new information out there is promising, I truly mean it.  They  (“they” being the conventional ones out there) are working on ways to get those of us with CLL well.  This is a new concept.

The first took place at the University of Pennsylvania.    Check out this link:

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PEITC a potential pharmaceutical chemotherapy and a natural treatment.
My husband has studied CLL for many months over the last year or so and stumbled across a few things.
After looking at the natural alternatives and coming up with some interesting options, he started to look at the pharmaceutical options for treatment, should my condition require that someday. He came across the following study by the National Institute of Health (NIH). A fantastic resource! This study was for the use of Fludarabine, a pharmaceutical which used PEITC. The first thing he saw was PEITC. He wondered where he remember this acronym from?

What was interesting about this study was the use of PEITC to mop up resistant CLL cells that were not killed by the Fludarabine. It has been many months since he has looked at this study. He is not a scientist, but if you muddle thru this, it seems that PEITC is showing a lot of promise to kill CLL cells without the Fludarabine.
You can buy pure PEITC from Sigma Aldrich if you can prove you are a testing lab or otherwise fit their criteria. Or a more interesting approach would be the consumption of broccoli sprouts, which is one of the highest known natural source of PEITC. Watercress is higher. No PHD or testing laboratory required, just a jar, water, and some seeds. Totally natural. No double blind studies on the use of broccoli sprouts, but PEITC and BITC from cruciferous vegetables is highly recommended for cancer and cancer prevention. And here is a study that proves its efficacy.

If you put PEITC in the top search bar on an NIH page, you will get 46 pages of lists of studies done using PEITC.
My numbers are not high enough to warrant this yet especially if resistance is a factor. But it offers an interesting solution if they get there. I am taking Reishi and Tumeric tinctures and so far, have had success in reducing my numbers and managing my CLL so far.
Happy researching, look forward to hearing what others come up with.

Knowledge is definitely power. In addition to the reishi and tumeric, it’s probably a good idea to eat broccoli sprouts and watercress. Of course, the problem is consistency. In other words, eating these items regularly enough to have a positive effect on your health might be difficult. There are tumeric/curcumin pills and also pills that contain reishi. There are also broccoli sprout pills on the market, too. IMHO, the natural food is best, but the pills beat that out with consistency, so probably good to have both. So glad you’ve had success in reducing your numbers and managing your CLL!

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