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Getting Well from CLL Leukemia

Posted by: Denise on: December 8, 2010

CLL Success Stories. There are two success stories, so far, both men, who have overcome their CLL Leukemia and either achieved remission  — or became cancer free! — without conventional treatment.  We can think of this as a miracle (which it is) or a sign of possibility and hope (which it is too!).

I was first elated to hear the news that these people exist — and then a bit deflated when their methods did not work for me.  I tried all or parts of each of their personal protocols, but to my severe frustration, it hasn’t yet resulted in my remission.  That said, I haven’t given up.  There is still a message of hope and possibility.

The first CLL Leukemia success story I found was Steve Freier.  You can read his whole story by clicking on his name and going to his site.  After a short-lived unsuccessful conventional treatment, Steve tried several protocols and eventually reached remission after removing his root canals and taking coral calcium.

The second CLL Leukemia success story is Hessel Baartse.  Once again, click on his name and read his miraculous story.  Hessel reached health with the help of a dentist (he also had his root canals — and mercury fillings — removed), as well as a detailed diet and supplement regimen.  All his CLL markers are in the normal range, and he is living his life in Australia with his wife and family.  If you read his site, you will see that Hessel credits his faith in God and his belief in his own good health.

CLL and Root Canals. What they both obviously have in common is that they removed their root canals.  I will be writing another article about this, as I, too, have had that surgery done to improve my health.  I’ve also followed both their regimens, plus much, much more.  I may not be cancer-free, but I am healthy and well — after 9.5 years (now, at the time of the update of this post, it’s been 14 years!), with no conventional intervention.

It can be done!  What we can learn from Steve and Hessel is that it can be done!  We can all get well.  We just have to find our own way, our own combination of diet, exercise, herbs, supplements, and even drugs.  There is no set standard of therapy, even amongst conventional doctors.  Humans are NOT one size fits all — in clothing or in medical treatment.

So please read this site, as I add more and more information.  Check out the links.  Do some research of your own.  Keep a positive attitude (easier said than done, but do-able) and you will prevail!  If you have good news and/or information please write and share it with this site.


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Hello Hessel.

I was diacnosed with CLL in 1986. Now my Docter I like to know your

Kindest regards


PS: I am 86

Hi Rudolf. It sounds like you’ve been doing well for a long time! My story is pretty much all throughout this web site. Here are links to a few pages that might fill you in. Supplements for CLL, My story. What to do. If these don’t help, please write again, and I’ll send more links.
Thanks for writing. I hope you continue to do well. – Denise

I have been trying to find info on root canals and leukemia (I was diagnosed with AML a little over a year ago) and have done light chemo– decitabine) plus lots of alternative protocols . One of the most effective has been the CAAT Diet and supplement program which has dramatically helped my hemoglobin and platelets (by the way papaya leaf extract from IOWA Pharmaceuticals has been really good for keeping platelets up). I think it’s impt to be tested for heavy metals (I found out mine were very elevated in some areas from the Doctors Daa urin test).
Anyway, I am worried that y white s=cells are going up again (despite my good energy level) and I’m looking for other options. Bill Henderson (who wrote an excellent book–Cancer Free) insists that taking out all root canals is extremely impt (and he does lots of consults with cancer patients). So I was wondring whether anyone had any moreupdated info. If I go for a rot canal I realize that it must be done corretly (and deeply) by a biological dentist but I’m a little concerned about my rising white blood cells and my overall risk of infection if neutrophils go down. I am also wondering whether I should go for Insuln Potentiation Therapy (very low-dose chemo) to give myself more time to let the natural protocols work. But in any case I strongly recommend the CAAT diet (absolutely no sugar, no carbs, use only Omega 3 oils for “fuel”, no vitamin B6 (all explained through scientific experiments in the White Pages for Doctors on the APJohn website). Not sureif this is an active log but would appreciate any new updated info, especially about root canals .

HI, I think you’re on the right track. Good to hear that the CAAT diet and supplement program worked for you. I will look into it again. About the root canal thing, I’ve spoken to several people for who it worked. I did have mine out and all my amalgams changed, and frankly, I got worse. That said, I didn’t properly detox (some bad advise from a nutritionist), and I am now in the process of chelating myself with chlorella, citrus fruit pectin, and scolopendrium. I have papaya leaf extract, and haven’t use it yet — will start it when i’m used to the latest new things (the chelators just mentioned). For a good leukemia story about root canal removal, go to — which is also elsewhere on this site.

I’ve heard good things about IPT (inulin potentiated therapy), but haven’t done it. If you would like to email me directly, please do at info(at)
Good luck and God bless,

Thank you for sharing your experience and information on this website Denise. I am following the same regime as you (except for the odd supplement and food variation) – right down to the doggies!! Given the thoroughness of your research ( – I know because I’m similar – ) I just wanted to check you knew about “cavitations” in jawbones as well as root canals as a source of serious menace. I’m almost sure you’ll know about this, but thought it would be worth mentioning. mentioning….just in case…..Vicky

As a matter of fact I had one root canal and two cavitations removed last May (2010) in an effort to improve my health. Initially, my numbers got worse. After a month or two of depression, I started in on the green juicing and wheatgrass juicing, and the numbers started to improve again! Yay! I have two more to go, but I am holding off on that for now, waiting to see how I fare in my next few blood tests.

I would love to communicate directly with you, if you’d care to email me on this site, I will respond personally.
All the best,

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